Anke Nobel Anke Nobel

The Netherlands, Lelystad BNO

About me

I've been making infographics for magazines, websites, brochures, manuals, educational methods, books and information campaigns since 1978. I work for a large variety of clients.It's allways a challenge to translate a complicated issue into a clear illustration that explains it all at the first glance. Have a look at my website for more examples of recent work.

genre : Infographic
technique : Digital-Vector

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Schematic representation of the technical installations for renewable energy in the ECONEXISHUIS; rainwater is used for toiletflush, solar energy heats water and is converted into electricity, geothermal energy heats the house. Client: DST Baarn - ENEXIS
This is How 3D Printing Works
'This is how 3D printing works' is one in a series of infographics that I make at theses nominated for the thesis year price. They are published in H/Link, the monthly magazine of The Hague University.
From Stove Back to the Gas Bubble
'From stove back to the gas bubble' is one of a series of infographics that I make for the section 'That is so' in the E.ON magazine. The theme is always energy and safety at home. Client: Hemels Customer Media for E.ON
"ECONEXISHUIS 'glimpse of the model home with the latest technology for renewable energy. Together with a schematic drawing of the technical equipment used for an educational poster. Client: DST Baarn - Enexis