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About me

My name is Wim van Graas and I live in the beautiful 
village of Ees, which is located just south of 
Borger in Drenthe.
This also explains the namegiving of my company.

Earlier I did the same work under the name 
WGi-illustrations. I started in 1980 in Gouda, as a 
part-time free-lance illustrator for a number of 
advertising agencies in the area. 
Since my retirement in May 2018, I have been actively 
drawing for other companies and self-employed persons. 
The blood is crawling where it cannot go, hence the 
creation of Ees-CreationS in August 2018.

genre : Printed Media, Newspaper & Magazine, Education
technique : Gouache, Pen & Ink, Digital-Vector, Watercolor

From idea to finished product
Cover illustration of a business promotion for technical parts for aircraft construction from development to production.
Estate agent
Illustrations for articles of the Stichting Waarborgfonds Koopwoningen.
Little critters
Cut out of a story-plate about small critters including insects, spiders, snails, etc.
Circus Tof
A big illustration printed on a board about the circus, intended for pre-primary education, published by "Koffer-Vol" of DORR education. 
In this plate storylines are depicted and possibilities have been incorporated for teaching counting, quantities, colors, concepts such as 
front - back - next to... etc. etc.
Boerhaave house
Illustration for an article about the restoration of the Boerhaavehuis in Voorhout. The drawing shows the old situation.