Bilitis Nieuwenhuijsen Bilitis Nieuwenhuijsen

The Netherlands, Boskoop Studio Bieb

About me

As the owner of Studio Bieb, Bilitis makes the most beautiful, colorful and happy illustrations you can imagine. Her style appeals to both adults and children of all ages. Bilitis often starts her drawings on paper, using an old-fashioned pen or pencil. The finishing touch is done digitally using Photoshop and a digital drawing tablet. Watercolor illustrations are also becoming more common. Studio Bieb makes coloring plates for companies, events and weddings. Also, free printables for home or educational use are made at Studio Bieb. She also enjoys making family drawings, pregnancy illustrations, birth cards and wedding invitations.Another favorite of Bilitis is making "characters", which she makes for companies. And, something Bilitis is really proud of: she's recently involved in making the illustrations for children's books! In addition to the commissioned work for clients, Studio Bieb has various products of her own in which the character "Biebje" plays an important role. For instance postcards, notepads, window drawings, and so on.

genre : Book, Character Design, Advertising, Caricature, Website, Education
technique : Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink

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Modern version of “Jip and Janneke”
For an illustrators contest I made three colorful illustrations based on a story of "Jip and Janneke".
Coloring page for large company
I made this coloring page for a company. It was used for a coloring contest for children.
The girl with her favorite pets
For a webshop, I made a few illustrations for the owner. She's using my illustrations instead of her pictures. Here she sits with her 3 favorite pets.
Family drawing
A family drawing, made at the request for a birthday present. I used some pictures and a detailed description the client delivered.
Illustration for children’s book for toddlers
This is a part of a happy illustration I made for a children's book for toddlers.


In the Studio Bieb webshop you can find the best products from "Biebje", such as stationary. You will also find more information about the other services that I offer.