Skandaloe Skandaloe

The Netherlands, Zwolle Skandaloe

About me

Hi there! Hereby a story about me: I have a big fascination for patterns, colors, white spaces and handlettering. I create illustrations for products, but as well work for educational and editorial clients. Clients I worked for are: Zwijsen, Verkade, Kiind magazine, Libelle, Kassa magazine and more!

genre : Book, Education, Newspaper & Magazine, Advertising
technique : Digital-Pixel

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Ocean illustration
Personal work with as theme a memory of mine where I was working and living abroad.
Winter walk
Personal project. I investigate color, surrounding, shape and the love of telling stories within an image. These illustrations are soon for sale @ Blauwdruck, Zwolle.
Publishing agency Zwijsen, calculation book Check
For Zwijsen I made illustrations for the calculations book Check.
Kiind magazine
lIllustration article about Summer Fire.
Submission competition Association of Illustrators
Participation in a contest by Association of Illustrators, UK. The theme of the contest was Sounds of the City.