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Pumpkin poster, vintage style

This ‘pumkin’ is a collaged poster in vintage style combinig several elements of digitalized watercolour work.

genre : Printed Media

technique: Digital-Vector, Watercolor

As freelance illustrator for print and digital work my subjects are mainly food related with a preference for fresh produce, gardener's harvest and seasonal products. My work is suitable for food menu design, cookbooks, editorial work for (food) magazines, wall decoration, pattern design, logo development, wedding dinner cards and more. The medium I use is traditional watercolour. Finishing touches are done with pen and white acrylic paint. My work is always digitalised and at times combined with digital design. Food is always an important part of my world. I have a degree in Food Technology and worked in the start-up world doing research, realising sustainable new food products. I am a foodie at heart and a content home cook. My home currently is in Rotterdam. Here I spend time on yoga, cooking, gardening and realising an essentialist lifestyle. Questions? Do not hesitate to mail or call!

Other artwork by Simone Lamers:

Pumpkin poster, vintage style

Pumpkin poster, vintage style

Pumpkin poster, vintage style

Pumpkin poster, vintage style

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