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Me = Shools = Addie de Zwart My name is Addie de Zwart and I live and work in the south of the Netherlands. As an illustrator and banner producer, I mainly work for editorial clients. But I can also be hired for publications, advertisements, photography and film. My musical background, Academy of Arts and 27 years of work experience in technology, retail and marketing communication offer a trinity of benefits.• Expression • Aesthetics • Function • These tools reflect my work as a designer / illustrator. Exploratory, childishly enthusiastic, driven into depth. And if needed quickly. With convincing love for the beautiful profession. Forever. My work is varied and from everyday, although my personal tickly drawings are something that stands closest to myself. Often from a reflection of things. And sometimes deeper into a theme. My process usually involves drawing with ink on paper and digital finishing.

genre : Printed Media, Website
technique : Pen & Ink, Mixed Media

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There is so much to say. And sometimes it's solemn.
Greta Thunberg make noise of today. And Patty Smith supplements it with a poem. Poetry. Consider it for a moment. We are so insignificant in our nature and in the cosmos. What do I do with it myself? I can’t be neutral. Therefore my illustrative reflection. My sound, my empathy. My poetry.
The ear in connection with the pineal gland. Sound (dis-)regulates the brain and your actions.
Happy diagram
I often take my walk exactly according to this route. When it’s done my head is nicely cleared inside.
Contemporary nice and fast to your destination. Until the batteries have had their best time. And then the scooter ends in a forgotten corner in the storage room. Covered with dust. Dead.