Marieke Nelissen Marieke Nelissen

The Netherlands, Den Bosch le petit studio

About me

Marieke Nelissen creates wonderfully intricate artwork that transports us back to the Golden Age of illustration. Natural media is key to her individual style. By building up forms with layer upon layer of gouache she gives her images a sense of volume and physicality. Sometimes, she mixes in coloured pencils and ink for a looser style, or works spontaneously with a glass dipping pen for black and white linework. Whether she’s illustrating books or commercial imagery, every painting draws you right into the scene and story. Ten years working in graphic design mean she knows how to deliver on a brief, and her clients always appreciate how she dives deep into each new project. She’s inspired by nature and creatives such as Shaun Tan, Tim Burton and Wes Anderson. Marieke has a degree in Visual Communication, specialising in Illustration, from Art School, ’s-Hertogenbosch. Her art has all the charm and intricacy of traditional 19th century illustration, infused with drama, humour and narrative thanks to her unconventional compositions, use of light and shadow and small, whimsical details.

genre : Book, Fiction, Printed Media, Non-Fiction, Caricature
technique : Gouache

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The wonderful wizard of Oz
Classic book The wonderful wizard of Oz.
Non-fiction book for children about European mammals in their natural habitat.
Book cover
Cover for a non-fiction book about European mammals in their natural habitat. Marieke illustrated the fox but also did the graphic design.
Willow’s soul
Folktales storybook for children and adults about trees.
Pine cone
Free work. It shows all the qualities Marieke can accomplish in gouache for soft nature related illustrations.


'Salon Post' is not really a webshop. It is an e-mail for which you can subscribe. In this e-mail Marieke always introduces one original work of art. Background information is shared about the technique and the use of materials and sometimes an anecdote about the origin of the idea. You can also use this closed e-mail to purchase the introduced artwork from Marieke herself. She chose this approach because buying an original work of art is a personal matter. You can register for this 'Salon Post' via the link.