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Product design – Discgolf stamp

Design of a disc golf driver for

genre : Advertising, Gaming, Other

technique: Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink

My name is Kim Ouweleen, I was born in 1988 and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am an illustrator, graphic designer, author and Go teacher. My artist pseudonym is Murugandi. From a young age I started drawing and I discovered that creating art is what fulfills me most. My art has always been inspired by nature, inhabited by animals and creatures. Sometimes they are real and cute, other times they are surreal, funky and a little dark. Humor is also important in my drawings, a chuckle never hurt anyone. And then there is the game of Go, a big influence in my life as a fanatic board games player. Since 2014 I make logos, illustrations and cover designs for various publications and organizations. I enjoy working on commission, because it keeps me motivated and disciplined, and because it allows me to grow as an artist by expanding my comfort zone. For my portfolio, please have a look on my website. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell posters and postcards of my work.

Other artwork by Kim Ouweleen:

Product design - Discgolf stamp

Product design - Discgolf stamp

Product design - Discgolf stamp

Product design - Discgolf stamp

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