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About me

Hi! My name is Karida van Bochove. I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Rotterdam. I expertise in making comics, editorial illustrations, educational illustrations and I like making private cards and portraits for clients. My style and technique can vary, depending on the assignment I'll choose an execution that fits and communicates the message in the best way. A couple of my recent clients are: Nationaal Comité 4&5 mei, ThiemeMeulenhoff, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Het Educatiebureau, Schokkend Nieuws, CrossComix, Rotterdam Festivals. 

genre : Cartoon, Comic, Education, Infographic, Newspaper & Magazine, Non-Fiction, Printed Media, Fiction
technique : Mixed Media, Pen & Ink

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Zuurstof & Tegenwind
For the educational magazine Zuurstof & Tegenwind, I was allowed to create a manual / illustration about innovative thinking for the second issue of the magazine (theme; thinking).
Zoekplaat Nationaal Comité 4&5 mei
For the commemoration on 4 & 5 May in the Netherlands 2018, the National Committee asked me to make a search illustration based on the resistance in World War 2. The illustration was printed in poster format and handed out to elementary school children.
Comic about syrup I made for the "Sticky Wall" in Stroop Rotterdam. Which is a store that sells stroopwafels.
Schokkend Nieuws
For the magazine Schokkend Nieuws I made a film poster about the movie Atomic Blonde for the movie column called REDUX.
Rotterdam Festivals, Rotterdam viert de Stad!
For the one-off magazine called KROOST by Rotterdam Festivals for the festival, Rotterdam viert de Stad! I made a comic about the renewal of the Rotterdam Festivals.