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The Netherlands, Tilburg Joydesign

About me

The concept of the illustration is the main point, from this starting point I'm going to find out how I can translate this into a powerfull illustration. Sometimes I get a suprise, just because I haven't figured out in advance  how the artwork should look like. I only know what I want to tell.

I make heavy topics as  alcoholism and abuse a bit lighter to look at without compromising the message of the story clients: Medical journals such as oncology and cardiology, Slow management, CZ, VPRO, ABN Amro, relevant. Tilburg University and many others.

genre : Medical, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Collage, Digital-Pixel, Mixed Media, Other

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Who is in controle in the healthcare
Illustration  Self-management. Self-managing teams with leadership who still like to determine what the employee does client Slow Management
New development in robotic surgery
What role does the cardiologist have in the future with the rise of robotic surgery? Cover illustration The cardiologist. BPM
influence of thyroid problems on the fitness of the elderly
Does it make sense to give elderly medication for their thyroid problems so that they stay fit longer? illustration endocrinology BPM
Ethics. Inner take decisions is an art
Ethics. How to make an inner decision and give the right direction as a manager. Cover illustration Slow Management.
Medical oncology
Medical oncology, helplines for people with depression to brain tumors