Jolet Leenhouts Jolet Leenhouts

The Netherlands, Oudeschild

About me

Childrensbooks, cartoons, editorial and educational illustrations, games. Yes please! With a loose line and humour, if you like. People are favourite. Educated as a graphic designer I like to think with the use of 'my' illustration. My site gives much more information

genre : Book
technique : Mixed Media, Pen & Ink

Rits and Rats
Booklet about two young cats from Christine Kliphuis. Publisher: De Vier Windstreken
The battle overseas
Dutch soldiers in Indonesia. A book of Joke de Jonge. Publisher: SWP
Lotjes room
from the book: The coat of Santa Claus. Text: Karin Somers. Publishinghouse Nino
Is that what I have?
Illustration for a childrensbook about ADHD and Gilles de la Tourette. Text :Janneke Helling- van Rheenen. Publisher: publishinghouse Nino   .
Flush up
For a book about the menopause. Text: Hilda Dijk. Publisherj: Kosmos