Jeannette Eisses Jeannette Eisses

The Netherlands, Bovenkarspel jeannette eisses

About me

i like less is more: to eliminate redundance and uncover the essence of image and lines. working for newspapers as Het Parool made me striving for a graphic image. i can't hide my light feeling of life how painfull often: i still feel the funny side of everything and downplay by drawing.

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Book, Printed Media
technique : Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Gouache

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Het Parool
newspaper illustration
the multiplication hat
by lieke wagenmaker learn to multiply through your magical hat: this mayor will teach you
the first day, magazine
humiliation disdain negation the answer remains love
the first day, magazine
what you sow, you will reap. you can sow uninhibited?
Why we came to earth-Hans Stolp
first cover in 2000