Janneke Ipenburg Janneke Ipenburg

The Netherlands, Oostwoud Polder Illustraties

About me

I am a story teller. Sometimes the stories are poetic and melancholic, sometimes they are humorous. I always seek for the most powerful image, in color and composition. My characters are often thoughtful, sometimes cheerful and frequently irritated. Mostly these are animals, those are the most fun to draw, but sometimes a human child is more appropriate for the story I want to tell. Some of the illustrations are very child oriented, but most often they are created with an adult mind and perspective. I think it makes them stronger.

genre : Book, Character Design, Fiction, Non-Fiction
technique : Acryllics, Gouache, Watercolor

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Waiting for the bus
Acrylic illustration.
Snow White
Snow white on the run. Acrylic illustration.  
Fox walking Pet Fish
Gouache illustration. This illustration is one item in a serie funny animal portraits.
End of Life
Illustration about the mass extinction of animal life. Watercolor illustration.      
Alice in Wonderland. The Chapter where Alice almost drowns in her own tears. Acrylic illustration  


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