Ingrid ter Koele Ingrid ter Koele

The Netherlands, Arnhem

About me

As an illustrator I like to work for various kinds of groups. I like diving into a subject, fill that empty space with people, animals, in all kind of situations. Translating text into images, working on an assignment and seeing fixed frameworks as a challenge. I enjoy sparring, to make the most of what’s possible and be part of the process. My style is colorful, with an eye for detail. Visit my website for an overview of my work.

genre : Book, Education
technique : Acryllics, Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

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Grocery store
Illustration from calculation method book, Alles Telt, ThiemeMeulenhoff
Farm in winter, illustration for educational publishing
Illustration for book cover
Lara und Lou erobern die Welt von Leonardo da Vinci, a workbook from the series 'Arbeitsbuch aus der serie', 'Spannende Entdeckungen und Erfindungen', Braintalent, Zwitserland.
Baking cookies for Kika
Kikabear, educational map from the action, baking cookies for Kika
Illustration for Kijkdoos, theme teacher and master, Ars Scribendi.