Hendrik Gheerardyn Hendrik Gheerardyn

Belgium, 's-Graveland

About me

As a freelance illustrator with a PhD in Biology, I am making accurate, lifelike illustrations of nature and science subjects. Further, I can help you visually communicate complex ideas and facts through schematic illustrations and infographics. I mainly work for magazines, (educational) publishers, educators and scientists. Please have a look at my website for further information and feel free to contact me!

genre : Book, Education, Non-Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Gaming, Comic, Fiction, Printed Media, Infographic, Medical
technique : Digital-Pixel, Watercolor, Digital-Vector, Pen & Ink

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Educational illustration
Education illustration about the water cycle, for a geography handbook
Animal illustrations for National Geographic Magazine
published in National Geographic Magazine (edition Netherlands-Belgium), issue March 2014
Game Het lot van de Noordzee
I made this digital painting for a game for secondary school students, in which they act as policymakers and learn about the effects of their decisions.
Ant-Lion or Myrmecoleon
A series of mythological animals, drawn in a scientific style, for publisher De Fontein
Infographic for Medics Without Vacation
An instructional illustration like this will improve maintenance and use of medical equipment in African hospitals.