Gitta Pardoel Gitta Pardoel

The Netherlands, Leidschendam leopardo BNO

About me

I am a freelance illustrator, visualizer and visual artist / designer. My studio is called Leopardo (my last name is almost .....). My images are often clear with almost graphic characters and poetic details. I work with all kinds of techniques both analogue and digital. I have a background in spatial design and therefor a lot of experience in visualising homes, buildings, parks, cities. But I am also always looking for other challenges from cards to book illustrations, from wall to web illustrations. I love to be able to help people, so also to imagine the idea in your head. Collaboration is very important, better contact too much than too little, only in this way there is a unique image. Please contact me if you have an idea and want to visualize it. Examples of my work can also be found on my site.

genre : Printed Media, Newspaper & Magazine, Book, Other
technique : Mixed Media, Acryllics, Color Pencil, Digital-Pixel, Digital-Vector

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a boys children’s book, mixed media, 2018
together, mixed media 2018
berend botje, mixed media, 2018
between now and tomorrow, mixed media, 2018
There is still a long time between now and tomorrow, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
swinging, mixed media, 2018