Esther Aarts Esther Aarts

The Netherlands, Nijmegen

About me

Hello! My name is Esther Aarts. I run an Illustration and Design studio named Esta. My specialisations are editorial illustration, product design and commerical illustration. Selected client list: VPRO, De Correspondent, Target, Hello!Lucky, BNN, Kruidvat, Chocomel, Stivoro, Graniph Japan, Music Tech magazine, Ben & Jerrys, Wired, BBC UK e.a.

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Advertising
technique : Digital-Pixel, Digital-Vector

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Illustration for Blink magazine
How connected do you want to be? Illustration for Blink magazine [Denmark]
Got beef? Op-ed Illustration
Cookie tin product design for Verkade Nederland
VPRO cover illustration
VPRO cover illustration: The secret industry behind the YouTube hits.