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About me

Hi, I'm Ellis Tolsma (1997), a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Hilversum. I often work with a lot of colour, playfulness and a bit of a retro-vibe. I love working with a riso-printer, a little bit more old-fashioned print technique. I think it's important to keep reimagining my own creative process and to keep trying out new things. If you like my work, you can just send me a message and we can discuss your project over email, phone or even a coffee.

genre : Book, Character Design, Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media, Website, Fashion, Other
technique : Digital-Vector, Other

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Tarot cards
A set of Tarot cards I designed as a personal project. I mostly finished the Major Arcana, which is 22 cards. I'm still working on the minor arcana, which is 56 cards! I enjoy giving the classic Tarot cards more of a modern feeling and keeping some magic alive!
Human to Human
I created nine illustrations for nine stories by volunteers from the Humanitas organization. These illustrations were made for the anniversary magazine that was sent to all members of Humanitas. These are printed with a riso printer in three colors, neon pink, yellow and blue.
U got mail!
An editorial illustration about the amount of e-mail you do while working from home, and how you can spend a whole day on it.
Forest home
A riso print printed with three ink colors, made for a small book for publisher Loopvis. The print itself is A4 landscape, printed on 200gr biotop paper.
Letter patterns
A collection of retro-inspired riso-printed patterns. Made because I always loved retro clothing and the colourful patterns those vintage fabrics often have. Also based on typography and part of a whole alphabet of patterns.


In my work, I really love playing with shapes, colours and materials. I am often looking for the boundary between pure illustration and other disciplines, such as interior, fine art and design. With my work, I would like to bring a little colour and a little craziness back to the world (and to people's homes). In my webshop, you can find lots of colourful risoprints, interior products, stationery and some fun t-shirts.