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Foodtruck illustration

Foodtruck children's book illustration with red panda and raccoon.

genre : Fiction

technique: Digital-Pixel, Other, Pen & Ink

Kawaii illustrator and designer  Dewy is a Dutch freelance illustrator and designer, living happily in North-Holland. Her mission is to brighten up the world by making happy and colourful designs. In her work, food & kawaii characters often inspire Dewy. “Kawaii” means cute in Japanese, and Dewy is often inspired by the wonderful culture of Asia. She specializes in cute, graphic and cartoony designs. Dewy loves to draw commissioned illustrations for companies and individuals. Most of the projects she worked on are a crossover between illustration and product design. A few examples are; a design for a whirligig, various promotional gifts and the brand & product line she is developing on the market in China. Got interested? I would love to get to know each other and hear about your ideas for collaboration. Please send me an e-mail!

Other artwork by Dewy Venerius:

Foodtruck illustration

Foodtruck illustration

Foodtruck illustration

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