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The Netherlands, 's-Graveland Davita Sinke

About me

I am Davita Sinke and I love stories. I also love the sea, starry nights, stepping on crunchy leaves, the evening sun and sometimes stormy weather. I think inspiration can be found everywhere. One of my biggest sources of inspiration is the wonderful imagination of children; I am forever fascinated by the stories and works of art they are able to create; that's why in my work, the main characters are often children. I would describe my style as colourful, happy and narrative. I enjoy creating things that make people smile the most. I work for companies as well as for private individuals - from creating birth announcement cards to making illustrations for promotional material. I am open to (mostly) everything! Curious to see more? Check out my website!

genre : Other, Book
technique : Mixed Media, Acryllics, Color Pencil, Gouache, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

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Little witch
Personal project.
Illustration to a picture book concept.
Paper boat
Illustration to a poem.
Dance of the witches
Picture book illustration (from Heksen).
A boy and his dog
From a winter themed set of postcards.


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