Chris Couvée Chris Couvée

The Netherlands, Beuningen

About me

After graduating from Art-school in Utrecht I started quite commercially (working for publicity-agencies) but gradually I got more clients from the academic world (universities, Artis, museums). My style has changed a lot over the years, from very realistic (with paint) to a more sign like visual language by drawing with ink. In drawing economy is a great quality. To achieve it is hard work, how to reduce everything to just a few lines. Certain lines have to be done fast, you can see the speed in a drawing. And drawing in itself is a limitation. How to depict something that is a simplification yet instantly recognizable to other people. I combine the artisanal (drawing on paper) with digital (editing and coloring), in order to combine the spontaneity of the drawing and the flexibility of digital techniques. I have worked in a number of fields, with an emphasis on archeology, science, technic, history and foreign cultures. You can reach me by mail; or phone: +31 6 20238478

genre : Other, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media
technique : Pen & Ink, Digital-Pixel

Ascent of man
The ascent of man
Project for a cover competition with the theme 'Bubble'.
La Bombe
Illustration on the subject of nuclear testing.
Les Japonais à Paris
Japanese in Paris.
La Chinoise
La Chinoise