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About me

I love cutting and pasting. Preferably with scissors and glue, but also digitally. Bringing two shapes together, that's where it starts. A photo from a magazine and then exactly that one piece. Or to draw a shape myself and cut it out. To nudge, one millimeter to the right or one pixel up. To nudge again. And then to paste!

I look at color, design and clarity. With an eye for detail as well as for the totality. It's a search for balance. Taking as long as necessary.

My work is clear and conceptual, but also a narrative with lots of colorful details. Suitable for business and also children's eyes. I work for magazines, exhibitions, websites and other publications.

I express in an image what can’t be expressed in words and make eye catching visuals that evoke curiosity about the text. In short: I clarify and colorise.

You can find me here: * info@klaartjeberkelmans.nl * 013-5444007 * 06-48680572 *

genre : Medical, Newspaper & Magazine, Education, Printed Media, Website
technique : Collage, Digital-Pixel, Mixed Media, Color Pencil

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Infusion in your own home
Illustration for the staff magazine SQN+ of Sanquin blood supply about the possibility to get an infusion in your own home.
Human rights
Poster for the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights depicting all human rights. Part of teaching materials for schools.
Ritual abuse
Illustration for magazine Psy about ritual abuse involving children.
Collaboration and coordination
Illustration about the benefits of coordination between the various departments of the Dutch hospital Maastricht UMC+. Published in staff magazine "Hecht".  
Looking in the mirror
Illustration for Merelspeelt.nl with the subject of ‘individual therapy’.