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About me

I specialize in informative illustrations and infographics. In order to be able to explain a complicated process, situation, action, story, event or the result of a study, it's necessary to distinguish main and minor issues. This is followed by the challenge to make a clear and attractive visual. If that succeeds and someone says: "Oh, that's right! Actually it's quite simple!" then I am satisfied. Take a look at my website for many examples of recent work.

genre : Infographic, Newspaper & Magazine, Medical, Other, Printed Media
technique : Digital-Vector, Photography

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Suzuki fruitfly
Infographic on the life cycle of the suzuki fruit fly and the consequences for fruit growers, for Wageningen University
human health studies
illustration in a study on the effect of pesticides on the different organs of men and women
Circular economy in the dairy industry
Brochure for the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) with an overview of the the circular economy in the dairy industry.
Figures on wood
Infographic with facts and figures on the harvest and use of wood. For 'Naar Buiten', the magazine of Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forest Management).
"ECONEXISHOUSE 'glimpse of the model home with the latest technology for renewable energy. Together with a schematic drawing of the technical equipment used for an educational poster. Client: DST Baarn - Enexis